For the past 5 years, I’ve been leaving my life here for long trips across North America, Eurasia, and South America, on a van, on foot, on a motorcycle, alone or accompanied. I like to travel with little, in more or less isolated countries with everything you need to spend beautiful nights in the heart of nature!

What’s the movie about?

This film is not really a travel diary, it is more an intimate story of an apprenticeship punctuated by the vagaries of travel. Those trips taught me to find solutions, to smile, to speak Russian, English or Spanish. And with my words, I try to share with you what’s adventurer life taught me. I realized this movie for my friends, my family, for you with the desire to share a philosophy and a positive vision of the world. I did this movie entirely by myself, without experience. He was selected to compete for the Jury Prize at the 31st Festival des Globetrotters (8 films out of 32) alongside professional ones.

And the book, what is the idea?

I want to go back to my first passion, the one that made me leave my home: photography.

Over time, I changed my practice and discovered video. There are many memories that I could not share on video. The project is to share stories through a photo and add all the philosophies that you also find in the movie.

To realize this project, I need you because, unlike the movie, I have to commit financial means for printing.

How to support me or see the movie?

By supporting my book project, I offer you the opportunity to discover my movie, whatever the pledge!

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The viking adventures

C’est quoi, ce projet de livre ?

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Depuis plusieurs semaines, je mets en avant mon film, et pour le voir je vous propose de soutenir mon projet de livre. Mais c’est quoi ce projet de livre ? Et, pourquoi n’y a-t-il pas plus de détails sur ce projet ?

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