Welcome to Brazil 

How to describe these first two days of my journey? How could do I know what’s going to happen today? After several months traveling I realized that each day can be full of surprises. You just have to believe and smile. The second recurrent element is that every engine breakdown is an opportunity to meet ten great bikers happy to help you.

We look like true beginners when we explain we left only two days ago, but I can tell you it was intense.

First straight line to Brazil : 200 km of winding road under the sun, 30°C, but I do not know how damp it was. A true tropical weather (as expected, you might say). Shortly after arriving in St. George, boatmen jump on us.

We eat a little bit, it’s still better before crossing a border. As we start loading Clement’s V-Strom backwards on a canoe, a ferry arrives in the harbour. The crossing is same price but more safe. We are alone on the crossing back to Brazil. On arrival we are proposed to sleep on site after our passports are stamped. That’s it.

We have a good night sleep, and we leave at 7am the next day. We go to Macapa Branch, 600 km further south. Just on the line of the equator! At first the road is made of asphalt and it follows a trail for about 100 km, the road is nice and easy to drive. We find the road when the engine of my KLE starts to fail and stops completely. Great… So here we are : under direct sunlight it time time to check the engine. Candles, fuses, everything, and we manage to identify the problem. There is no gas in the right cylinder. So we check the carburetor to finally find the culprit : my gas filter has melted and is leaking. It also prevents the proper flow. As we remove the filter a true heroe comes to help, riding his Honda Shadow. He calmly talks with Clement.

Our newly found heroe invites us to eat in the next village. BANG! As we are driving to the village, a GSX-R 1000 coming from behind overtakes me at the speed of light!  This is the first of a long line of ten riders, driving bikes as 800 GS ad small mono-cyclinder 160. We all gather at a restaurant and Clement and I are invited to go swimming with the riders, before swallowing the last 350 km of asphalt to reach Macapa . It’s 10pm when we reach our hotel …

That’s all for today! Two members of the club are waiting for us to hop on the ferry to Santarem!

  Une réponse pour “ Welcome to Brazil  ”

  1. Phil91

    Salut Baptiste,
    Merci de voyager pour moi.
    Je vais te suivre avec envie.

    Bonnes routes à vous.

  2. papyyam

    Ben je vais te suivre ça a l’air chouette .
    Belle aventure , je te souhaite bonne route et de vivre pleinement ton beau voyage

  3. Ferreol

    Je restai sur Fb pour te suivre et je découvre avec Vie De Motard que tu fais ton journal sur ton site. Je vais essayer de tout suivre. Bonne route et fais nous rêver.

  4. Kaostorm

    Voila un voyage qui commence bien, profites au max de cette aventure et merci de nous la faire partager.

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