The Amazon Forest, a paradise built for cows ? 

It is easy to criticize from the ouside, but travelling also means asking questions and make room for dialogue.

We all look for a place to call our home. A space where we fell good. That space for me today is on road.

For several weeks now we have been crossing the Amazon rainforest. It has been transformed in order to motivate the people of Brazil to come and live there. To open the roads to the cities and villages settled in the middle of the forest, cut from the rest of the word. And of course to develop a local and prosperous economy in these small towns.

The government (from what I understand) have encouraged people from the countryside to come and build ranches in order to breed cattle. To do so, they had to make space in the rainforest, burning and plowing the surrounding land. All this in order to create space for cows.

From what I’ve seen, deforestation rarely extends more than 10km from either side of the track.

Why deprive the farmer of his new life? They seem happy to survive here. They who have already left everything to come to make a new life here.

I’ve seen so much more impressive aberrations through Macedonia, Russia and even Kazakhstan (I am refering to huge and empty buildings swarming in these countries)

Yet the situation is not less alarming in the Amazon forest. Only 1/4 of the 3500 km of trackes are preserved (often thanks to the national parks). In the places where the deforestation is ongoing the air quickly becomes unbreathable because of dust and smoke.

Nature takes a big hit. Yet the inhabitants are far from imagining the impact of their action on the whole planet. Nor even on their direct environment. The meals are absolutely not varied, there are only cattle to see, little agriculture and no one actually comes from here.

I’m not trying to be negative but I only report what I see. Moreover, we have shared beautiful moments with locals and made met wonderful peope during our travail.

If we imagine the surface that covers the Amazon rainforest, is it really that alarming? Besides, what gives me the right, as a European guy, to criticize what people are doing here? Have we not also destroyed our forests to grow wheat?

Honestly, I think their biggest mistake is not deforesting a small area to survive but destroying an ancient place by flames based on a mere advice of a government. An area where thousands of species have been coexisting in symbiosis for thousands of years. An area were Indian tribes have been living too, and who care so much more about environment.

This is the second time I make this observation during my travels. Man is capable of destroying a paradise for the sole purpose of survival and development.

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  1. Jean-Baptiste

    Salut Baptiste. Pas bien sur de comprendre l’orientation de ton articles.
    Pour ma part, je n’ai aucun scrupule a critiquer ! Et ce n’est bien sur pas le fermier qui est venu s’installer la dans le but d’améliorer sa vie, non, mais le gouvernement, composé de gens soit disant éduqué qui savent pertinemment ce qu’ils font. Détruire une forêt et tout un écosystème est une aberration, que cette foret soit française ou bresilienne.
    Je me suis fais une reflexion similaire aux galapagos. Les habitants veulent “sacrifier” une partie du parc national pour faire de l’agriculture bio et limiter l’importation (en gros diminuer les coûts pour les habitants… encore unz histoire de fric maquillé pour attiré la sympathie des touristes bobos). Mon opinion la dessus est clair, si les habitants trouvent que la vie est trop chère, qu’ils s’en aillent ! L’humanité n’a pas besoin d’habitants aux galapagos. Par contre elle a besoin de cette espace incroyable ou la vie a su se développer si longtemps loin des influences exterieures. Il en est de meme pour la foret amazonienne.

    • nuagegraphik

      Je pensais la conclusion assez clair et en suis venu au même réflexions que toi.

      Le gouvernement est totalement en cause dans se massacre qui a lieu à beaucoup d’autres endroits du monde au moment où j’écris ces lignes.

      Je nuance mes propos car je ne suis pas bien renseigné sur le sujet et je pense que la problématique est super complexe même si les faits sont simples…

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