My first motorcycle trip on my own taught me to travel alone, to repair my bike, to fall, to get back up, to receive, to give and to live each day fully and simply. After three months and 17 000 km on the roads of Europe and Central Asia, I managed to reach Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia and made an act of solidarity before going back home. This choice made many people smile, and motivated me to carry on in difficult times.

Why bother traveling 17,000 km to give a motorcycle?

Let’s just say, why not?

I have never regretted making that choice. When I met people on the road and I explained the reason for my trip, I often saw their faces brighten up. That look, on other’s face, is vital to me, whether it is friends’, organizations’, companies’, travelers’ and even the locals’. They like to learn more about you, they like to meet adventurers on a journey. I could help the people I met, locals and travelers, but the simple fact that I wanted to aid their neighbors was enough to make them happy.

Finally, by wanting to give my bike I gave people hope, and I’ve received from them more than I have given. They gave me a meal, a fruit, some tea and sometimes to spend the night in their home.

I made a step towards these people when I left home to travel the roads of the world, with just the intention of helping.

Among the travelers I’ve met, many of them want to help a cause, or fight a disease. They all have diffrent approach. For my project, I did not want to hide behind a good cause. I left only because I wanted to, and because I wanted to experience this. But this small gesture allowed me to find a motivation and to open myself to others by showing them sympathy and interest.

When I came back home, I was weak but happy. I managed to do all this way alone, on a motorbike with the hope of helping people in need. I had an accident, I was deported from Azerbaijan, I crossed 4600m peaks, deserts more than 50°c hot. I lost 10 kilos because of an indigestion, I met dozens of people, I shared wonderful moments with families. I lived four crazy months, all thanks to this project and the motivation to travel the world trying to understand and listen.

This trip made me happy.

Traveling through beautiful and virgin areas, I became aware of my impact on nature and environment.

It is for this reason that, for my next adventure, I want to participate in meaningful projects of reforestation to offset my carbon emissions. By working for this type of projects, I intend to take part in an environmentally responsible action that seeks both social welfare and respect of nature.

My action will be conducted on two levels. First, I wish to set up a crowdfunding system to allow companies and people who wish to support my project to do it. Every ten kilometers traveled, I would like to plant a tree, with much support I maybe get to a tree per kilometer. Secondly I want to be an actor of these reforestation projects by helping and working with locals.

Thus, I will witness the impact of these donations, it will be an opportunity for me to regain strength, to truly discover the locals and share with you this experience.

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