Who is The Viking Adventurer?

I am a simple traveler who regularly leaves his lifeto go on trips for several months. I like simple things and I had no experience before my first trips. That’s why I started sharing my adventure on my blog with you.

I traveled to several continents after exploring Europe. North America, five months in van with friends. Then I passed my motorcycle license with the intention of leaving somewhere. And that’s how I arrived in Mongolia, after more than 4 months solo trip through Eurasia. My goal was to offer my bike! Since, I spent 8 months traveling in South America on a motorcycle with a friend.

Before the beginning of these adventures. I had never traveled alone. I did not speak English, Russian or Spanish. I had never been riding a motorbike. I learned all these things in travel and that’s all I like to share with you.

And professionally?

The same goes for my work. I studied applied arts to become a web designer. I started like this then I quickly learned new skills : integrator, developer, teacher. At the moment, I became a project manager!

And tomorrow, who knows?

I always enjoy learning, I love my job, I like to leave and I can mix both. It is not always easy, because I’m a bit unstable like many others of my generation.

I made a film lately and I learned everything alone. Maybe a new perspectives to explore?

The real message behind all of this is : if you want something you have to think that everthing is possible!

And why the Viking?

This question comes up often so I’ll answer it here. This answer may be disappointing for some people as I did not check my origins. It’s just a friend who called me like that at school, because I was Norman. At that time, I did not have a beard and I still had hair.

But it is also because I like the Viking mentality as well. One of their strengths was to believe in them! On one of the t-shirts I wrote “hann tradi sinn eiginn mätt ok megin” which means “he believed in his own strength and ability of luck” (source Wikipedia). And I think the trip is a bit like that. You have to believe it and the chance will make you meet beautiful people!

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Thanks to everybody who follow me

“By telling your life to others, there is an unsuspected work of self-discovery.”
(“En racontant sa vie aux autres, il y a un travail insoupçonnable de redécouverte de soi”)
– Alexandre Naj