Sometimes web designer, sometimes adventurous, I like to communicate, teach, learn, engage, discover. It is this diversity that drives me when I travel, work, photograph, write, eat or drink. I believe in chance and I let things happen on their own, for the better or the worse!

In 2012, I travelled North America. I worked in Montreal for 8 months, after spending five months in a van going through the American continent. Since that trip, I went back home to live and work in Rennes and then I left once again. I crossed Europe and Central Asia, and made it to Mongolia.

This last trip was a unique experience. I had prepared to live it fully and to make sure I would come back. Handyman, curious, observant, sometimes inventive, I try more often to do things myself. I spent five days preparing my old Transalp motorcycle in a garage next to Rennes and they taught me what it took to overcome issues I would experience.

I always had a passion for photography, this is the mode of communication that I choose to share what I live, see and feel.

I created this blog to share my adventures!

Thanks to everybody who follow me

“By telling your life to others, there is an unsuspected work of self-discovery.”
(“En racontant sa vie aux autres, il y a un travail insoupçonnable de redécouverte de soi”)
– Alexandre Naj