Nous voilà au Pérou !

Un passage de frontière assez atypique. On n’est pas dans l’univers grillagé des frontières d’Asie centrale. Ici c’est un peu l’inverse, tout est ouvert. Il y a même une ville entre les deux… Bref la paperasse prend plus de temps qu’au Brésil mais tout se passe sans encombre.

Maintenant c’est direction Cuzco. Nous sommes toujours entourés de forêts. Le déforestation est aussi d’actualité dans cette région mais de différente manière. Les bovins laissent place aux cultures et les hommes semblent avoir moins de moyens pour réduire à néant cette forêt millénaire.

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Video 1 – Amazonian forest crossing

After the paradise of white sand, this is the inferno of straight lines and the red dust. An epic and beautiful journey full of surprise.

This is the first video of myadventure in South America. I am currently with Clement and his faithful vstrom. He ride like a boss and all is perfect!

Anyway the programme is : plane, waiting, ferries, boats, meetings, bad roads and durt tracks. I hope you enjoy this video made with a little tablette and a lot of patient.

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Un coin de paradis en plein cœur de l’Amazonie ! 

After three nights on the boat and three days sweating in the hammock, we have finally arrived to Santarem.

The city does not look that fancy. We go straight to the bank, then fill ou fuel tanks. Many Brazilians told us to go to Alter do Chao. A small town located 30 km further west. It was described to us as a paradise of turquoise waters and white sand. All we care about for now is having a quiet and peaceful night of sleep. And if Alter do Chao is really how as we were told, maybe we’ll spend a few days there before starting the real Transamazonica. Read more →

Welcome to Brazil 

How to describe these first two days of my journey? How could do I know what’s going to happen today? After several months traveling I realized that each day can be full of surprises. You just have to believe and smile. The second recurrent element is that every engine breakdown is an opportunity to meet ten great bikers happy to help you.

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A nous l’Amazonie ! 

La petite boule au ventre se fait sentir mais demain j’espère qu’elle va bientôt se dissiper.

J’ai récupéré la moto déposée à Rouen il y a 20 jours. Premier démarrage difficile en Amérique du Sud. La mer a du faire tourner l’essence. Une petite vidange du réservoir et tout revient comme avant.

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C’est décidé, en septembre je pars !

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Bon après plusieurs mois de silence me revoilà !

L’été m’a permis de prendre beaucoup de recul, de me ressourcer et de bien tester la Kawasaki KLE 500 avec laquelle je me prépare à vivre cette aventure. Du coup j’ai pris de grandes décisions et résolu en grande partie mes problèmes de santé.

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And if ?

It’s been 3 days since I haven’t moved from my bed, I can barely walk around, curled up as I move. It’s been a battlefield in my stomach lately. I came back from my trip to Mongolia almost a year ago, and still I haven’t had more than 3 months without any digestive problem. I must admit that I’m anxious. I fear what I’m going to eat before I even eat it. And this fear aggravates my problems. I try to make it through, but there comes another one.

I’ve been laying in my bed for 3 days, only because I took a swim in the sea of Brittany. Only a swim. Thankfully, with a good treatment, I’m felling better (I’m also slowly getting used to it)
But if I have to go to the doctor every time that I’m feeling sick, how am I supposed to make it once I’m in South America ? Read more →