Never stop dreaming !


I encourage everyone to go on an adventure, leaving one’s comfort zone. It is a priceless luxury that only requires you to make a choice.

Going alone was by far the hardest thing to overcome. I may appear to be distant, sometimes annoying, but I need people around me. For every choice I make, I need my neighbor’s advice. Now I look back and see all the road I’ve traveled. I feel stronger, and more sensitive as well. I’ve come to enjoy being alone, and now I’m learning to live among you once again.

It’s true! I travelled so many kilometers, lived exceptionnal experiences, saw beautiful things and sometimes even shocking. Everything is still mixed in my mind. Memories are tangled together, and that way of life transformed me. During these months, adventure has become a habit. Then I flew back home, and less than a day later I came back to the comfort I was used to, to my family, my friends. Almost everything remained the same, here at home and I am feeling so confused. I must regain strength since the last months of this trip completely weakened me physically and mentally. The disease bedridden me even before I had time to enjoy my success.

Now that my indigestion has been taken care of, it feels like a blow on my head : it’s called the back-home blues. I’m staying at my parents’, I don’t want to look for my own place. I am at the edge of the sea, it’s a wonderful place, perfect for writing, perfect to breathe fresh air after a month in the most polluted capital of the world. It feels good here. I work occasionally. I give lectures, conferences, go to conventions, and tell people about my adventures.

I share the hardest and the best moments. I have the need of it, I do it with great pleasure and fierceness. Your support, your messages, and your terrible jokes are very important to me.  They were a great help when I was away, and almost as much since I’ve come back. Solidarity is all about sharing, sharing your knowledge, your experience, your life and passions. This is my way I chose to be in this world. It is part of my motivations in the different projects I realize. I do not seek to change the world, but I try to add a warm touch to it. I do not mean to bore you, but to find meaning in this life offered to us.


This sentence makes sense when you live on the road. Since I’ve seized its meaning I often stop, take the time to chat with everyone, sharing simple moments. It’s like fishing, you cast your lines and hope. Maybe you will catch something and see what lies beneath the surface.

This year was as beautiful as difficult. I traveled 17,000 km alone, on my motorbike, and managed to stay alive. I had an accident that could have ended tragically. I met hundreds of people across 18 countries. I made five indigestions, lost more than ten kilos and the little energy I had left. However I’m back stronger. Thanks to you and all those who crossed my path, I managed to get back on my feet every time. I couldn’t have hope to live more extraordinary things. I hope you were thrilled by my story, and that it made you want to leave for an adventture of your own. I wish you all to live an experience like mine.

It does not require much, and even if you might get hurt it is trully worth it! Living and preparing for adventures is like falling in love. It is tough, but once it’s over you crave for more.

It had become my life, my fuel. I’m planning for more, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Que se passe-t-il depuis presqu’un an ?

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Je ne sais pas trop par où commencer, mais j’ai envie d’écrire. Je suis rentré depuis presque un an et les choses se sont passées super vite. Je ne vous cache pas que ça n’a pas été facile tous les jours et qu’encore aujourd’hui j’ai des doutes ! Mais j’ai appris à vivre avec, ils se résoudront peut-être avec le temps.

Je ne vous donne pas beaucoup de nouvelles contrairement à vous. Vous avez été super nombreux à m’écrire, me demander des conseils, me montrer beaucoup de bienveillance et m’aider aussi. Je vous remercie, c’est toujours un plaisir de transmettre toutes ces expériences. D’ailleurs, j’ai commencé à partager mes aventures grâce à vous, grâce à tous ceux qui ont simplement répondu à mes questions de rêveurs, d’aventurier en devenir il y a quelques années. C’est eux qui m’ont poussé à vous raconter mes aventures ! Read more →