Cappadocia (between two storms ) and Georgia

After a bad week…I head for Cappadocia, I don’t have a lot of time but rider’s well-being and pleasure is a priority. I am arriving at Nevsehir under rain, after a hail storm, I am beginning to regret my wish for great landscapes.

The next morning sun, and storm rumble, I take time to wake up, I am deep in thought and it is sometime difficult to go again after a long break. I am thinking about coming backward and enjoy Europe. Mongolia seems to be unreachable and my mistakes are leading me to have just one choice to cross the Caspian See.

The day will be quite decisive, after a Skype broken by an internet break I am taking the road and move forwards anywhere the wind and the landscapes take me. I will have fun in all the Cappadocia area, on the roads, at the top of a castle, and everywhere I am able to go with my loading. I met an adventurer from New Zeeland on the way. She revived my motivation, it’s crazy how happy people are able to find the right words and how little events restore the strength.

Everything isn’t that easy in a travel, I might have a lot of motivation some days (especially those where we have to face the administration, the embassies,  etc) are difficult. I have the chance for all of this to be French, it help a lot but sometime we just have to wait. I am actually in Georgia waiting for a 5 days transit visa for Azerbaijan because there is the European Games in three days in Baku. I won’t tell the hard time that I will have to find a place for the night and I really hope that the boat won’t be too difficult to find. It isn’t easy to keep mine cool but I know that in the end I will find joy and experiences for my next travels.

I will see the rest of the travel, I hope to find my initial way but the more I am loosing time the more the visa may be lacking. See you soon, the Georgian are really nice !

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  1. Aplesro

    C’est magnifique ce que tu fais ! Penses a tous les internautes qui te lisent 🙂 ça te motivera encore plus !
    Bon courage a toi !

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