I made this movie and I would like to concretize another project: the edition of a nice book.
This is where I need you and I invite you to read more to understand my approach.

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What’s the story about?

When people ask me what’s this movie about, I answer motorbike travel. But in reality, it’s way more than that! Stories from a happy traveler is a positive story, crossing Europe, North America, Eurasia, and South America. An intimist telling about learning life when traveling.

I love to travel with only what I need, in an isolated place, with everything I need to spend a beautiful night in the middle of nowhere! And today, across my story, I want to share what life makes me learn.

I hope this moment will make you want to travel and share.


How to see it?

Once your donation is made, you will receive an email with the instructions to view the video.

The movie is available online on Vimeo and normally accessible on all media (TV, computer and mobile).

The movie has an English subtitle available.

I invite you not to share the Vimeo link on your social networks.
However, you can share the link to this page and talk about it around you.


Why the movie is not available for free?

Until today, I still wish to share freely all the contents that I produce. This film comes from the heart. It was made with envy, thanks to your feedback on this first version of 20 minutes. I had no experience in making such a long movie and it was a great adventure.

But I also have a lot of fun sharing my content online with you: it’s fast, easy and there are interesting interactions. However, I enjoy meeting you at travel shows. This allows me to offer you to see the movie in the best conditions. But also to meet you and share it with you.

And to be invited, it is better to offer exclusive content that is not available for free.

But I also have another project in mind: a book. I do not know if I would realize it right away or after my next trip, but the desire is there. Your donation will allow me to advance printing costs and to offer you a good price and good quality!

I hope you understand my approach and that you will enjoy sharing this film around you.


The pledge

I’m a bit scared about the pledge because I calculate the price for delivery in France and also because books are only available in french.

So please just choose the movie pledge or the pre-order book (because it’s helped me a lot) then contact me if you want more!

  Une réponse pour “ A book for the film – Support my project ”


    Un Viking ca vient du Nord… bon celui-là, il s’est perdu, il vient de Bretagne.
    Un Viking ca part à l’aventure… là-dessus, pas d’erreur, c’en est un vrai de vrai
    Un Viking ca fracasse les crânes… celui-là, il vous le retourne à coup d’images qui vous en mettent plein la vue.
    Un super film. Normal me direz-vous puisqu’il a été réalisé par un super mec.
    Chapeau bas.. manque le bouquin.. t’attends quoi ?

    • Baptiste Régné

      Merci JJ, j’attends juste que tu finisses la préface !

  2. PIVET

    Superbe film. Tes commentaires sont simple, franc et sans détours. Je me suis régalé avec ce film, je te suis déjà depuis un moment sur vie de motard, et ne pouvant pas voyager pour le moment, je me régale de vos aventures à tous. Merci!

And you, what to you think ?


nine − five =

Goal: Publish a book “Observations of a happy traveler”

Ideally, it will be a book filled with photos and short stories. A beautiful little edition including stories of travel, meetings, and observations.

I have all the skills to produce it, all the rights on my photos. It’s an adventure that I can’t wait to live, but I need to know if you would like to see this book out.

Thank you for your support!


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The movie "Stories of a happy traveler"

Access to the movie on an online platform.
A 52-minute film made entirely by myself, 5 years of traveling and learning about life!
The movie have english subtitle available

Pre-order "Observations of a happy traveler"

Favorable rate for the first draws.
But above all, it's a great boost for the creation of the book.
A huge thank you!
- Your name will be included in the book (if you wish)
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25 varied postcards
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Children's book "Animals of the world"

A print of the children's book "Animals of the world" made with my travel photos
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+ Access to the movie
+ Favorable rate for the book
+ A big thank you