My new expedition have start at the end of September. This time I’m oversea. The adventure began in French Guyane, the we cross the amazone forest, peruvian mountain to arrive at the Pacific Ocean, swin on the Titicaca lake, climb the Huayna Potosi. Now we are taking time in Bolivia, then go to Chili and Argentina.

A dream who will became reality. A dream made by the desire to discover the world and his resident, by the need of meeting people and by the wish to participate to the protection of this beautifull landscape around us !

Current expedition

  • Forests and men

    Forests and men, it is one adventurer, one motorcyle, three continents and one goal : help and support reforestation projects, in different locations around the world. This trip will take me to the highest roads of the Andes, through sands of the Sahara Desert.

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  • From most recent information

    All's fine

    I'm at : Caranavi, Departamento de La Paz, Bolivia

    Latitude : -15.85507 | Longitude : -67.57507

    Last chekup at : 03/12/2016

    And I travel since : 75 days

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  • diary

The other adventure

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